National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Lionfish NewsLionfish Central is dedicated to working with all nonprofits to help with the invasive lionfish invasion. We continually look for organizations that are doing great work in these efforts.

The lionfish invasion sweeping the waters of the southeastern United States, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico is well-documented. We know what we’re up against: hordes of venomous, fast-growing intruders with voracious appetites and no natural predators. So, what can be done to stop the spread of these underwater marauders?

The national marine sanctuaries have a plan.

Join Lionfish Central in this fight. To learn more on what you can do to help click here. We are a nonprofit organization that works with agencies, divers, restaurants, wholesalers and many other industries to help save our reefs from the harmful overpopulation of the lionfish. Please help us continue help those who are doing great work in this fight. Below are some of the ways you can help. Thank you!

Author: scott