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Donations help us continue our fight against the invasive lionfish

Can you imagine a world without coral reefs? What about grouper and snapper?

If we don’t act now, we will soon lose many of our native species to the invasive lionfish. The next generation will never know the beauty of our underwater reef system. We can’t let this happen. Don’t let our ocean waters become stories of what they once were. Join the fight to save our aquatic ecosystem before it’s too late. For every dollar you donate, one lionfish is gone. With Lionfish reproducing at an alarming rate throughout the Atlantic, it’s extremely important to start now.

Lionfish Removal

$1 = 1 Lionfish

How many lionfish will you remove?

Lionfish Removal

Not a diver? Not a problem! You can still  help with the lionfish threat to our fish and coral reefs!

For every $1 you donate Lionfish Central will  remove 1 lionfish from the reefs.

Your generosity will impact out mission even if you don’t dive or live near an ocean.  Our efforts are a world-wide endeavor and we need your help. Please donate today so we can continue our work.

Thank you for your support!

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