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At Lionfish Central, we evaluate the efforts of agencies, businesses, communities, schools, divers, and other organizations in our community committed to making a positive difference in keeping our natural reef system and aquatic life from extinction.   Learn More

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Join our fight with a small donation and get a year of advertising for your Businesses! Plus – we will pay you to help educate your customers about the invasive lionfish. Joining the fight  has never been easier or more profitable!  Learn More

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The lionfish is one of the worst ecosystem disasters from an invasive species . We need everyone to play a part in saving our reef fish. It’s time we all became superheroes and  join the fight! It’s actually easy to help so please click here to Learn More

Our Mission Is To

Evaluate, Educate & Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

Learn all the scary fact about the Invasive lionfish and how  damaging they are with our Lionfish Frequently Asked Questions.

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SCUBA Shops & Divers Wanted

One of the biggest challenges is that there are not enough divers collecting lionfish on a regular basis. There are plenty of restaurants that want to serve lionfish but the consistency of a supply prohibits them from doing so. We are working to create a national effort to increase the supply for restaurants so everyone can join the fight by eating them.

We want to encourage divers to be more active in this fight and we are willing to help fund some of those efforts. Let us know what ideas you have and tell us about some of the challenges you face in those efforts. We are here to help and can help find solutions.

If you are a diver or work for a dive shop and would like to help in your area please reach out and introduce yourself.  Click Here

Chefs and Restaurants Wanted

We are looking for any chef or restaurant that serves or has lionfish on their menu. We will give you free advertising on our Lionfish Restaurants page, free services and consulting and other tools that might be useful for you to succeed.  Maybe you’d like to share a recipe with us for our Lionfish Recipe page. We’ll link to your website  from it.

Are you looking to add lionfish to your menu? We are working with divers from all over and can help connect you to a good source for fresh lionfish. If there is not a source in your area we will try to come up with a solution for you.  Our goal is for restaurants to serve it at least a few time throughout the year and help create a demand for it. This will motivate divers to collect the lionfish and help remove them from our reefs.

If you would like to learn more Click Here.

Restaurants that serve lionfish on the menu

Lionfish Derbies and Tournaments

Lionfish Derbies & Tournaments

Lionfish Derbies and Tournaments are a great way to get the public involved  to help with the population control of the invasive lionfish. They usually last a few days and have a festival  for the public while the divers are out gathering the lionfish. There are usually cash prizes for the most caught, the largest, etc.

Our goal is to work with all the festivals and help create more throughout the areas where lionfish exist – which is practically everywhere now. Check here or speak with the local dive shops and see what’s in your area and if you need help setting one up let us know.

Also, if you know of any festivals and we don’t have them listed in our Lionfish Derbies and Tournaments please let us know so we can help out and advertise it.

We’re Looking for Team Members

It doesn’t matter where you live – as long as you’re  passionate about saving our reefs and fish! Learn more about getting involved in your area – it’s easy, fun and  very rewarding. There are many ways you can  join the fight and make a difference – become on of our team member superheroes!

We are looking for students, people who are retired or work full time – it doesn’t matter as long as you want to help  out we would be happy to work with you. Tell us how you think you could help us  and we can set up to fit your strengths.  Let us know how much time you want to spend helping out and we can make it work.

If you would like to help in your area please reach out and introduce yourself.  Click Here

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