Bonaire Osaka Sushi and Teppan Yaki Lionfish RestaurantWelcome to Osaka, where your dinner will be a work of Japanese art. At Osaka all dishes are prepared with the finest and fresh ingredients. We try to stay as close to original Japanese styles and techniques as possible so as the process may take some time, your dishes will be well worth the wait.

Because we use daily fresh caught fish by local fishermen, occasionally, not all choices of fish are available. The freshly caught selection includes: Tuna, Red Snapper, Dorado, Rainbow runner, Jack, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Brazil. Imported fish are: Salmon, Eel and Butterfish.

Lionfish Central is dedicated to bringing you all the restaurants that serve lionfish. This restaurant is helping control the invasive lionfish in our waters. We continually look for restaurants that are taking a bite out of the lionfish population. Please visit this restaurant and help us eat our way out of the lionfish invasion.

You can also do your part by simply asking any restaurant you visit if they have any lionfish dishes on the menu. If the answer is no ask if they can try to put it on their menu. Just that little question or two will help with the demand for lionfish on the menu. If enough people ask regularly they will want to start serving it.

Join Lionfish Central in this fight and could use your help. To learn more about what you can do click here. We are a nonprofit organization that works with agencies, divers, restaurants, wholesalers and many other industries to help save our reefs from the harmful overpopulation of the lionfish. Please help us continue help those who are doing great work in this fight. Below are some of the ways you can help. Thank you!

Author: scott