Lionfish Hunting Expedition

Learn to hunt lionsh in Pensacola, Florida with Ocean Strike Team! Known as the best place to hunt lionsh in Florida, Pensacola is often called the “Lionsh Capital of the World”. Our lionsh hunting eco-tourism trips are designed for the diver that is ready to make their diving mean something. No lionsh hunting experience necessary. You dont even need a shing license to hunt! OST will take you out and show you how to safely hunt and remove invasive lionsh out of our waters.

Lionfish Expeditions with Ocean Strike Team

Unforgettable Experience!


No lionfish hunting experience needed


We provide lionfish specific hunting gear


No license or certification required


Lionfish Hunting Guides in the water


We train you how to hunt lionfish


Individual or group trips available

Lionfish Hunting Expeditions Pensacola FL Ocean Strike Team

Lionfish Expedition: $950/person USD

3 Day Lionfish Hunting Expedition

    • 3 days of 2 tank guided lionfish hunting dives
    • Nitrox tanks and weights
    • Use of pole spears and Zookeepers
    • Snacks and drinks on board
    • Chef prepared Lionfish dinner on Saturday night
    • All in all, an AMAZING time on a great Expedition!

Call to schedule an Expedition that’s best for you.

Ocean Strike Team loves to help you put together a lionfish hunting Expedition! In fact, that is the very thing we do and have the exact trip you are asking for. We have been running lionfish eco-tours since 2014.

This is a 3 day hunting trip. Typical schedule is be in Pensacola by 5pm on Thursday night. We will do paperwork, have a brief class on lionfish (the what and why’s ), safety, and weekend itinerary. Then we dive Fri-Sat-Sunday. They will be 2-tank dives for lionfish. On Saturday night, we will go to a local restaurant where they will cook up what we catch – gourmet style! Lionfish is amazing to eat, and it tastes even better when YOU shot it! We provide all the polespears and zookeepers for your group to use.

Lionfish Expeditions Pensacola FL Ocean Strike Team

We have a guide in the water with you and a divemaster from the boat that is a Lionfish expert as well. We will break off into groups of 3 and our experts will be right with you to give you tips and tricks to shoot better, help spot, and make sure your group is getting plenty of lionfish! (Which we usually don’t have that many problems getting lionfish! We average about 100 per boat each dive)

As a trip leader, you only responsibility is to come down and have fun! You don’t need to have any specific knowledge or experience hunting. We take care of all that for you! We can also help you get the hotels set up, and we take care of all logistics for tanks/weights, fills, etc. You just need to bring your scuba gear. We can also help you increase profit by recommending gear and continuing education classes you can sell to prepare your group for a better experience.

Lionfish Expeditions Pensacola Florida With Ocean Strike Team
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