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Best Lionfish Hunting in Curacao!

Dunja participates in every Curacao Lionfish derby and to this day remains undefeated!

We offer a Lionfish Hunting Course! Our dive center is located in the heart of Curacao. This central location allows you to prepare your diving day in an uncomplicated and spontaneous way. From here you can reach all dive sites within 50 minutes. We offer everything from introductory dives to all levels of certification. Our instructors look forward to showing you our fascinating underwater world on our dives.

Dunja Zinnert started lionfish hunting in 2015 and has been unstoppable ever since. She conducts many Lionfish courses for our diving school, which she does with a lot of passion and knowledge.

Privately she hunts a lot for restaurants and together with Lisette from Lionfish Caribbean they go hunting regularly to make sure Lionfish jewelry has enough fins and Lionfish dish has enough Lionfish.

The lionfish hunting course can be attended by anyone who is a certified diver with min. 30 dives. Along to the theory and handling of the Hawaiian Sling “spear” you will go with her on a Lionfish hunting dive you will never forget. All the catch is yours (if you want) and you will even learn how to prepare your lionfish.

Lionfish Patrol Performance Shirts

Lionfish Hunting

Time 4h

Cost $100 includes a spear and a zookeeper – excludes dive equipment.

Extra lionfish hunting dive includes a spear and a zookeeper
Cost $65 excludes dive equipment

We do not offer any hotel or meals.

Lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean, therefore we are allowed to hunt them, in order to protect our reefs from the intruder.

A divers’ responsibility is to protect the reef. Don’t touch, don’t kick, and don’t spear into the corals. A good buoyancy control is the key for successful hunting.

On the day of the Lionfish Course, we offer Water and fruits.

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Author: scott