Lionfish Comic Book Character Walt with Lionator Pole Spears

Walt Deelman

Lionator Pole Spears, Canada

Walt Deelman has been in the Lionfish Community and hunting lionfish since 2014! He is the creator of the Lionator Pole Spears – click his logo to learn more!

Lionator Pole Spears in the Lionfish Comic Book

About Walt

Lionator Pole Spears – Our mission (daughter Jayleen and I) is to get an affordable and effective lionfish specific polespear into the hands of as many fishers as we can in the invaded areas to help make a difference! And to have some fun and travel along the way.

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

They are fairly easy to spot and spear, and the environmental benefits are obvious. We participate in many tournaments and enjoy seeing the educational and research aspects of these events and of course the delicious cooking demonstrations!

What do you like about the lionfish community?

It is a wonderful group of dedicated people who support each other’s work in a very positive way.
I have made many friends in the community and hope to make many more! And what a great reason this is to travel! Look out lionfish!!

We like to support organized lionfish tournaments throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, so if you are planning one, please contact us and we’ll provide you with a couple of Lionator polespears (a ‘Travel Size’ and a ‘Pro Version’) as raffle prizes for your event!

Author: scott