E24 Intern Teagan at Tobacco Caye Marine Station Belize

Tobacco Caye Marine Station has been situated on the island of Tobacco Caye since September 2008. Since then, we have hosted thousands of study abroad students from around the world and have helped to educate local Belizean students about the reef.

Mission statement: “Tobacco Caye Marine Station aspires to become a leader in immersive education utilizing sustainable conservation practices”.

Vision statement: To continue to provide enrolled students and their faculty leaders immersive experiential education programs and contribute meaningfully to ongoing scientific research projects while Tobacco Caye Marine Station excels in promoting efficient and effective sustainable

Lionfish Patrol App

What we like most about the App

“The Lionfish Patrol App is a great tool for us to keep track of our culling while sharing how many lionfish we are removing from year to year!”

Tobacco Caye Marine Station

We are an education and research centre. We educate study abroad students from around the world about the Belize Barrier Reef and the surrounding marine environment. We run research projects on lionfish, plastic pollution and chemical water sampling.

Our internship program which we intend to run each summer. It is an 11 day program aimed at giving students the opportunity to gain experience collecting data in the field.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Belize

Lionfish Patrol App

Helping Divers, Nonprofits and Businesses succeed when it comes to lionfish removal. If you are not using the app click the button and register – even if you just want to learn as an Observer!
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