Lionfish Comic Book - Tim from England

Tim Bowling

England to Jamaica

Tim has been in the Lionfish Community and hunting lionfish since 2021! He travels from England to Jamaica so he can help save their reefs!

About Tim Bowling

One of the first Lionfish hunters from Britain. I passed my Open Water certification in 2006, then my advanced in 2008. Met the great Ron Holzman in Jamaica in 2022 who opened my eyes to the Lionfish threat. He encouraged me to take the PADI Invasive Lionfish Tracker course. I was trained by Richardo Sewell in Negril and started Lionfish hunting. I have been hooked ever since!

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

It is vital that the destructive Lionfish is removed from reefs which they have invaded. I love helping the environment when Lionfish hunting.

What do you like about the lionfish community?

Very eco conscious and great with communications via social media!

Author: scott