Lionfish Comic Book Character Stephanie M-C of StingMaster

Stephanie M-C

StingMaster Canada

Stephanie has been in the Lionfish Community and helping people with painful stings feel better for a few years now!

StingMaster in the Lionfish Comic Book

About Stephanie M-C

Stephanie is a scientist and entrepreneur who co-invented StingMaster, the world’s only solution for painful lionfish stings. She is passionate about bringing pain relief to divers, snorkelers, beach goers and basically… everyone! With StingMaster, pain from lionfish, jellyfish, man o’war, sea lice and fire coral stings is eliminated almost instantly.

What do you like about the lionfish community?

The lionfish community is so warm, welcoming and cares enormously about protecting reef biodiversity from the lionfish invasion. It’s a group of diverse and passionate individuals that have come together with all their different areas of expertise to solve a huge problem that reefs are facing. It’s amazing to see such a great group of people putting all their brains together to solve a problem!

Author: scott