Scott Gonnello

Scott Gonnello

Lionfish Central

Lionfish Central has only been in the Lionfish Community since 2019! We have done a lot in that short period of time. We created and app, video game, podcast, submarine, comic book and lots of other projects that helps the lionfish community around the world. Join us on some of our adventures!

About Scott

Scott is the founder of Lionfish Central, Inc., a Florida nonprofit developed to finding solutions to the invasive lionfish problem.

Scott comes from the IT world and when he learned just how bad the lionfish problems was he dropped everything to help out with this cause.

He is an avid diver and loves to find creative solutions to help when it comes to marine conservation. He also like to work with everyone in the lionfish community and make it easy for newcomers to get involved. 

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

Diving is fun but when you add the element of searching and removing invasive creatures that harm the reefs, it becomes more fun and rewarding. 

What do you like about the lionfish community?

The lionfish community is such a welcoming group of people that truly want to help. It seems everyone you meet has the same goal of saving the reefs while having a good time doing it. It is filled with great people!

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