Lionfish Comic Book Scooter of the Beach

Scooter of the Beach

Siesta Key, FL

Scooter is Florida’s most famous lifeguard! He has been in  helping Lionfish Central since it became a nonprofit and he loves the Lionfish Community!

About Scooter of the Beach

Scooter has been a lifeguard is Sarasota County for decades. You can find him on Siesta Key Beach at the Magical Green Lifeguard Tower. He greets beach goers from all over the world and makes sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at one of the top beaches in America.

Scooter connected with Lionfish Central because he cares about the oceans, reefs and the fish that keep them healthy! He helps us get the message out about lionfish and how devistating they are to our waters. 

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

Scooter loves all the passion in the diving world for protecting the reefs. He like that they spend a lot of their dives searching for and removing the invasive lionfish. 

What do you like about the lionfish community?

The Passion. Scooter loves the passion of the lionfish community and how they are willing to protect their reefs. Without this community the reefs would be worse off. He encourages beach goers to learn more about lionfish and to get involved however they can.

Author: scott