Lionfish Comic Book Character Salty Locs

Salty Locs

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Salty Locs has been in the Lionfish Community and hunting lionfish since 2015! She hunts lionfish throughout the US Virgin Islands, as well as in Florida. She also helps businesses with their payment software – check out her website below.

Lionfish Comic Book Character Salty Locs

About Salty Locs

I’m an avid diver and spearfisher with lionfish on the brain. When I decided to start hunting for my food, lionfish was the first on my pole spear! No matter what the dive, if there is a possibility of running into a lionfish I am always prepared! Working to control the invasive lionfish population through hunting and educating fellow divers and ocean enthusiasts. My efforts are focused in the Virgin Islands and South Florida. I believe that if people know that the lionfish is not harmful to eat, we can drive up the demand for this delectable fish and better control the spread.

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

Lionfish was the first fish I ever speared. Its a great starter fish for anyone interested in spearfishing. Since they have no predators in these waters, they seem to have no fear and will allow you to get pretty close. But if you spook it, be ready to stick your head into some crazy angles trying to recover from your missed opportunity. I enjoy knowing that while I fill up the ZooKeeper with tasty lionfish, I’m also helping to save the reef at the same time!

What do you like about the lionfish community?

I love that the lionfish community is dedicated to spreading awareness and educating the public about this beautiful but voracious species. New foundings are shared quickly and new ways to fully utilize the lionfish are being made everyday. The community is dedicated to making a dent in the population and bringing a halt to their destructive impact.

Born and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, I remember when we first started hearing about lionfish being spotted in our waters. The way the news was being shared in the local media put such a fear in my teenage mind. Now there was this strange creature in the water in which an encounter could lead you to the hospital or possibly death. I loved the water but it made me cautious. Over a decade later, I got scuba certified and immediately started educating myself about the underwater world I would be exploring. The lionfish held my attention first. While attending a presentation at a local dive shop, I got to see how to properly handle lionfish and watch it be prepared. The taste test of the freshly beer-battered and fried lionfish sealed the deal!

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