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Anthony Valiulis

Netless Catch

I started hunting in 2016 years ago but I truly got involved only a few years ago with the whole Lionfish Community. Check out the cool website here:

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About Anthony from Netless Catch

I like to joke with people and say I just sell fish but what I really do is work with fishers all throughout the Caribbean to hunt lionfish and sell them to restaurants here in the states. I go to countries and help them set up operations so they export to the states and then we supply lionfish to restaurants throughout the country with lionfish because I don’t know if you heard but it taste really good.

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

Believe it or not I am not a seafood eater really at all. So I don’t hun them because they taste good. I hunt them because I want to help make an impact on our oceans. Why instead of just diving just to see the cool environment you dive to help protect the ocean? Hunting lionfish has also introduced me to an amazing community of people who I never would have met otherwise.

What do you like about the lionfish community?

O gosh what is there not to like. They are all badasses who love the ocean. I think my favorite thing about the community is how it brings all types of people together and while we might disagree on some topics we all agree we need to hunt lionfish.

If you want to become a hunter and sell lionfish let us know and we would love to work with you!

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