What is Lionfish Central?

What is Lionfish Central?Lionfish Central is an organization committed to the evaluation, education, and eradication of invasive lionfish from our reefs. Our growing database of lionfish information is designed as a comprehensive tool for those wishing to contribute to managing lionfish and natural resources in our waters. Lionfish Central works in collaboration with other organizations to prevent the further introduction of invasive lionfish.

Our organization is dedicated to providing public education and awareness of lionfish, while supporting research efforts focusing on the biology, ecology, impact and control of the species. We offer support to organizations and individuals developing tools for control, monitoring and management of lionfish. These efforts are critical to reducing population densities of lionfish in high priority areas, such as coral reefs. Our goal is to help more individuals develop a better understanding of the impacts of lionfish and to protect native species and habitats from the direct and indirect effects of the invasive species. We want to bring the successful efforts of these organizations into focus and share them with those having trouble succeeding. We encourage everyone to get involved and help in this global fight!

Author: scott