Lionfish Hunting Delaware

Lionfish hunting is the best way to control the overpopulation of this invasive species. That is both easy and difficult because there are thousands of miles of coastlines throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean. Lionfish are virtually everywhere and are populating at an alarming rate.

Lionfish Hunting Challenges

When it comes to figuring out where to hunt lionfish, there are many challenges. With millions of miles of ocean, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack! If you dive an area where you have never been the process of diving and surveying the area that takes up time and money. It’s not cheap to hunt lionfish. You have boat costs, fuel cost, trailer it around, registration, insurance, equipment, and other things that make it costly. Trying to find the best locations can also be costly. You could spend the entire day going all over the place hunting lionfish and still come home empty-handed.

The lionfish hunting you do in your area makes it easy to accumulate the best locations so you can spend your time and energy more efficiently. Hopefully, over time you can control the rate of population for your areas to give the reef fish a fighting chance. Unfortunately, if you take a few months off, the lionfish will be back in great force.

Lionfish Hunting Throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean

There are tens of thousands of locations for hunting lionfish but that doesn’t mean you will find them or actually be able to get to them. Some of the best locations for the biggest and most abundant lionfish population are at depths of 200 feet and deeper. Lionfish have been found at depths of 1,000 feet. Knowing the hottest GPS locations might not be that valuable if they have been dived so much that there are no more fish at that location.

“Best Lionfish Hunting Places” Delaware

Be careful when you read articles about the best lionfish hunting places. Everything changes over time including the blogs about “best lionfish hunting places.” One of the biggest challenges we find with the internet is the age of the articles that are floating around. Some have locations that no longer let you hunt lionfish. Some articles are more generic about certain countries or islands but give you no real specifics.

Current Lionfish Hunting Places Delaware

If you plan on going lionfish hunting in the Delaware area and have never been we suggest researching the local dive shops where you plan to go. They usually have a great handle on the best place to hunt lionfish in their area. They also know if there are any issues about diving in those areas like water clarity, depths, obstacles, local ordinances, etc.

Dive shops also know a lot of the local divers and dive clubs. These clubs know the best place for hunting lionfish and regularly go out to control the population. They have years of research, locations, challenges, tips and so much more. Reach out to them and see if they are doing any coordinated dives while you are planning on being in town. Maybe some of their members would like to join you and your crew. Keep these connections and share your information for your area with them as well. Anything that encourages more dives to help fight against the lionfish invasion is a great thing.

Let Lionfish Central Help

Partner with us! Lionfish Central is a nonprofit that helps any and all efforts when it comes to controlling the overpopulation of this invasive species. If you are having a difficult time finding the best place for lionfish hunting let us know. We can reach out to dive shops and dive clubs for you.

We can also connect you with our partner travel agent that helps divers get great flights, places to stay, rental cars and more. We want to encourage people from all over the world to go and hunt lionfish. Let us know if you have connections for your area such as dive shops and dive clubs that are doing great things with the lionfish. We would like to market them for free and encourage more people to go to your area and join the fight.

If we can help you in any way, let us know by clicking here. Let us give you some free marketing, advertise your lionfish efforts or anything else we can all work together to help control the invasive lionfish.


Author: scott