Lionfish Patrol Performance shirts long sleeve
I’m Rachael and for those of you who know me understand just how passionate I am with marine conservation. One of the many efforts I am doing is to help support Lionfish Central. They are a nonprofit organization that focuses solely on lionfish. Lionfish are a big piece of the marine conservation puzzle that is wreaking major havoc on the ecosystem.

I have donated my time to work with and support Lionfish Central because they are doing amazing work. They have created an app used in 30 countries, a video game used around the world, a comic book that’s just too cool, a podcast and even a submarine for hunting lionfish deeper than divers can go! Seriously – they are the real deal. Please help me – help them. No one in the company gets paid so all of your donation goes directly to important services for the global lionfish community.

Please take the time to learn just how bad lionfish are on a global scale – it affects all of us around the world.

If you donate $100 or more you will get a free Lionfish Reef Heroes comic book! Your kids will love it and you’ll all learn a lot! Get involved.

So please donate and read Lionfish Reef Heroes! Your support will go a long way in helping to find more solutions to this challenge. Your donation will not go to waste! Thank You!!

Donate for a Free Lionfish Reef Heroes Comic Book
Author: scott