Dr. Tiffiny Sarasota
Donate for a Free Lionfish Reef Heroes Comic Book

Dr. Tiffiny has a love for the Gulf of Mexico, so much so that she moved here from Colorado with her family just to be close to the most beautiful beaches in the country. Like many people, once she learned about the challenges our local fish face due to the invasive lionfish, she wanted to help find a solution. 

Tiffiny reached out to Lionfish Central and asked to help. She volunteered her son Aiden to be the main character in our Lionfish Reef Heroes comic book – he did a GREAT job! She saw the importance of teaching kids about the challenges our oceans face and the comic book is a great way to reach them. 

Dr. Tiffiny is helping Lionfish Central continue our work on a global scale in controlling the lionfish and keeping our Gulf healthy. This is why if you donate $100 or more you will get a free Lionfish Reef Heroes comic book! This is Dr. Tiffiny’s way of saying thank you for helping to keep Sarasota’s fish healthy. 

So please donate and read a great comic book featuring Dr. Tiffiny’s son Aiden! Your support will go a long way in helping to find more solutions to this challenge. Thank You!!

Author: scott