Dr Cynthia Clark Ironman Texas Lionfish Fundraiser

Although the lionfish overpopulation has been going on since at least the 80’s, I just became aware of it a couple of years ago. I’m grateful to people and organizations like Lionfish Central who have adopted a mission to educate us land-walkers about the importance of this. I had no idea that the oceans were being overrun with a type of fish-weed, that eats the babies of all other species. And that that’s destroying the coral reefs, which affects both the climate in our ocean and outside of it. I’ve been amazed at the progress that we humans have already been able to effect in reversing the overpopulation in some areas – we have watched the population of other marine life return, and the reefs come back to life.

I’m doing Ironman Texas on April 22nd in Houston, Texas as a fundraiser and awareness raiser for Lionfish Central. You can help by donating – and if you donate $100 you’ll get a beautiful, fun, well designed Lionfish Reef Heroes comic book! It’s packed with information of real heroes around the world protecting their reefs! So help us raise awareness about this fantastic organization helping great people do amazing things for all of us.

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Donate for a Free Lionfish Reef Heroes Comic Book
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