Our Mission Is To

Evaluate, Educate & Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

What We Do

At Lionfish Central, our mission is to evaluate the efforts of agencies, businesses, communities, schools, divers, and other organizations in our community committed to making a difference in the control of lionfish populations. Our organization seeks to educate and provide free services to help increase all efforts to reduce populations of invasive lionfish. The ultimate goal of Lionfish Central is to effectively utilize these services to help eradicate lionfish from our waters. We need every effort to be successful in order to have the greatest impact for reducing the number of lionfish threatening our waters!

Our experience and expertise is here to help all efforts – and we are great at finding the right solutions to solve challenging issues. We are dedicated to this fight and here to help organizations and businesses succeed.

Lionfish Central offers reports, business consulting, web development, SEO services, advertising, educational materials, fundraising opportunities, collaboration, prizes, and money to help your business along the way.

Free Website Consulting  & Development Services

Lionfish Central Free Website Services

Since the internet is the center of the business universe, it is critical that you have a quality website that works well and gets the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, many nonprofit & business websites are either old or homemade, and no longer function in today’s internet. Our research shows that despite great efforts made by businesses, ineffective websites can cause them to fail.

There are many different things you can do to get your website found and Lionfish Central is here to assist you. Our organization works closely with nonprofits, agencies, and businesses to help them benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We want to make sure that all organizations and individuals with great ideas and efforts will succeed and continue helping control the exploding lionfish population. Successful efforts begin with a highly functioning and effective website!

Lionfish Central offers free help with those efforts, from website consulting to creating and donating new websites that work in today’s internet. For instance, did you know that last year Google started holding back websites that did not have an SSL certificate? We offer SSL installation which helps combat this issue and provides for a more secure website. We also offer training to help you better understand your website. We can coach you on your metadata, which is what Google looks at when they visit your site. Further, we can make sure your analytics are connected to Google properly so you can communicate all your updates in real time.  

Additionally, we consult you on your Google My Business. Google has put a lot of effort in this tool and making sure it’s tied into your website properly will help get more traffic to your site. We make sure your mobile capabilities are working for you as well. There are many different techniques and fixes we can offer to help you succeed with both the functionality of your website and internet visibility.

Free Search Engine Consulting

Lionfish Central Free Website Consulting Services

Many nonprofits, agencies and businesses don’t track their success in the search engines. This is one of many reasons why their websites are ineffective. Failure to track both ups and downs in website traffic means missed opportunities. Lionfish Central offers free consulting to organizations and businesses who are working hard to make a difference in the fight against invasive lionfish to help them capture success through search engine optimization.

This is a sample report that shows website traffic and clicks over a 2 year period. Having great success with website traffic only once in a while is not good for your business. We want to help maintain great success on a regular basis and will review efforts for accomplishing that objective.

Lionfish Central offers several kinds of free research for any entity that has a website and is working hard in the lionfish fight. For example, we offer reports such as keyword ranking, domain ranking, how many click from your keywords, the monetary value of those clicks, who’s linking to your site, how you compete with your competitors, Google Ads reports of what works and what doesn’t, quality clicks on your site versus spam, social traffic, etc. This is way more data than you could possibly decipher in a day!

We also run these reports on your competition to show how one compares to the other. We can use what works for the competitors in our efforts to help your organization succeed. There are many baselines on the internet and knowing yours for your location, competitors, industry, and so on helps us to understand what is necessary for success. Once that is established, it becomes easy to implement whatever is necessary to reach your goals.

Ultimately, Lionfish Central aims to teach and coach your business for success. The success of your business means that your efforts to control the lionfish population will continue succeeding as well.

Ultimately we are here to teach and coach how to succeed because if you keep succeeding then your lionfish efforts will keep succeeding as well.

Free Data, Data, Data – All In One Place!

Lionfish Central Free Website Consulting Services

While there is lots of data available for your website, spending time finding it or having to log into many different locations and then deciphering it can be unrealistic. Most businesses, including agencies and nonprofits, barely have the time to get through essential daily tasks. For most, dedicating huge blocks of time to find the data, nevermind deciphering it, is nearly impossible!

Lionfish Central offers our free Dashboard to those helping out in the lionfish epidemic. Here is a sample of just a portion of a dashboard with all kinds of reports. Companies can login 24/7 and review up to date information from many different platforms like Google Analytics, Maps, Webmasters Tools, Ads, Trends, Alerts, and more. Also, the company has access to several social feeds, newsletters, statistics, and much, much more.

Many companies don’t know how to interpret all of this information, despite it being hugely important for their success. This information tells you what is and what is not working so you can save or spend money appropriately. Lionfish Central will spend the time that is necessary to interpret this information, allowing your organization to focus on other important aspects of your business. This is another essential service we offer free of charge for those helping with the fight against invasive lionfish.

Donations Are Essential To Our Mission

Lionfish Central Donations from Pennies to Dollars - every little bit helpsLionfish Central aims to provide these essential services free of charge to individuals and organizations dedicated to controlling and eradicating lionfish populations. The services provided by Lionfish Central are offered to those who want to make a difference but who may be struggling because of the time, money and expertise necessary to run and manage a successful website. In order to continue providing these free services, our organization relies on individual and business donors who are committed to our mission.

Your donation will help Lionfish Central continue to support the efforts of the organizations and individuals who are making a difference. More importantly, your contribution will help these organizations and individuals succeed in their efforts and continue doing great work in the fight against lionfish. Lionfish Central aims to help everyone involved in the fight learn more and succeed, and your support is critical to this cause!

The website consulting, website development, search engine optimization and other services provided by Lionfish Central are expensive and time consuming. However, these services are critical to the success of organizations and individuals committed to the fight against lionfish. A donation to Lionfish Central will cover the expenses we require to help these organizations and individuals. Lionfish Central aims to provide the highest quality services and your donation will be used to continue funding these essential services.

Many organizations and individuals care deeply about our waters and the control and eradication of invasive lionfish and are looking for ways to help. However, they may not have the time or means to research, dive for, or even cook lionfish. That doesn’t mean that they can’t help mitigate the negative impact that lionfish have on our reefs and native species and habitats! A donation to Lionfish Central will allow organizations or individuals conducting research or participating in dives and derbies to continue accomplishing their mission and doing it more efficiently and effectively.

Any donation to Lionfish Central, big or small, will help us and partnering organizations and individuals continue to provide these important services. Your contribution will keep Lionfish Central and other great organizations and individuals in action and helping their communities fight back against exploding lionfish populations. Become a real life superhero and donate to Lionfish Central – everyone’s future depend on it!