Our Mission

Evaluate, Educate & Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

Our Vision

A strong community of environmentalists achieving their highest level of impact on our native aquatic system.

What We Do

At Lionfish Central, we evaluate the efforts of agencies, businesses, communities, schools, divers, and other organizations in our community committed to making a positive difference in keeping our natural reef system and aquatic life from extinction.

Our organization provides high tech services to help increase the traffic, marketing and value to these organizations in order to grow and succeed. Comprised of experienced professionals, consultants and volunteers, we work together to provide many important services free of charge.

Why It’s Important

Lionfish are an invasive species to the Atlantic Ocean. They were introduced in the mid-’80s when Hurricane Andrew destroyed an aquarium that displayed them. Since that time they have reproduced at an alarming rate. They can lay up to 50,000 eggs every three days and do not become part of the food chain due to their toxicity.

Lionfish have very few predators and are highly resistant to disease and infection. However, they themselves are ferocious predators. They eat anything they can put into their mouths. This includes seahorses, baby lobsters, shrimps, and over 100 different species of fish. They live for up to 30 years and one lionfish can consume more than 5,000 fish per year.

Lionfish are destroying our native coral reefs by eating the fish and shellfish that maintain these reefs. We need to support all efforts to restore our ocean from this negative impact.

Help Us Save Our Native Aquatic Ecosystem

The ultimate goal of Lionfish Central is to effectively utilize our high-tech services to help eradicate lionfish from our waters. We need every organization’s efforts to be successful in order to have the greatest impact for reducing the number of lionfish threatening our native species!

Our experience and expertise is here to help all efforts – and we are great at finding the right solutions to solve challenging issues. We are dedicated to this fight and here to help organizations and businesses succeed.

Lionfish Central offers reports, business consulting, web development, SEO services, advertising, educational materials, fundraising opportunities, collaboration, prizes, and money to help your business along the way.

Because we do this free of charge we need your help. Your donation will help reduce the lionfish population by helping those making an impact even more successful. For each dollar you donate, one lionfish will be removed.

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