Evaluate, Educate & Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

Founding Supporter

Founding Supporter

Lionfish Central Nonprofit and Business Solutions SponsorshipsAs a Founding Supporter of Lionfish Central, your generous support helps us reach more organizations and those making the biggest impact in the fight against invasive lionfish!

We will work with you to help create a robust page with a lot of great features that will set it apart from the other pages on  our website. It will be uniquely yours branded with lots of information, images, etc.

For an annual contribution of $2,500, you can become a Founding Supporter of Lionfish Central. At this contribution level, supporters will receive recognition as a Founding Supporter of Lionfish Central. Your generous contribution will help jump start Lionfish Central and it’s mission to control exploding lionfish populations. Becoming a Founding Supporter is a terrific way to give back to your community and shows that you care deeply about the lionfish epidemic that is quickly destroying our reefs.

At the Founding Supporter level, contributors receive a business page through Lionfish Central. This business page can serve as an extension of any existing website. Additionally, you can easily add valuable content to your business page throughout the year such as documents, images, videos, frequently asked questions and more. Lionfish Central will continually promote your company by providing marketing and SEO services. Founding Supporter are critical to the success of Lionfish Central and other organizations committed to making a difference in the fight against lionfish. Your contributions will make the biggest waves in the fight against invasive lionfish.

Your Founding Supporter contribution will also get your business listed on the Lionfish Central Business Directory. This listing demonstrates that you stand with other companies committed to making a difference in the fight against invasive lionfish. The database listing will include one link to your company’s website or another website or social media account of your choosing.

Founding Supporter have the greatest impact on organizations and individuals undertaking efforts to prevent further introduction of invasive lionfish. The contributions of Founding Supporter is critical to undertaking the mission of Lionfish Central! Most organizations and individuals who share in our mission rely on the financial support of individual donors like you. Your generous contribution will help them continue to fight back against exploding lionfish populations. Invasive lionfish populations are devastating our reefs, killing native species, destroying native habitats. Lionfish are populating at alarmingly high rates and they have no natural predators! Your support can make a difference in controlling lionfish populations. Let your community know that you stand with Lionfish Central in its mission to evaluate, educate and eradicate invasive lionfish species from our waters!

Founding Supporter of Lionfish Central are real life superheroes. Bravely, you fight with our organization against lionfish populations that are rapidly killing native species and habitats. Becoming a Founding Supporter proves to your community that you support a worthwhile and important cause while getting your business noticed. Our future and the future of our waters depend on the contributions of Founding Supporter like you!

Please accept our thanks in advance of your willingness to become a Founding Supporter of Lionfish Central.