Evaluate, Educate & Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

Local Business Support

Local Business Support

Lionfish Central Nonprofit and Business Solutions SponsorshipsLionfish Central’s Local Business Support is a popular option for both large and small businesses committed to helping efforts in the fight against invasive lionfish!

For a contribution of $250 per year, the Local Business Support   option includes a business page that you can manage and fill with information throughout the year. As an added incentive for this contribution level, Lionfish Central also provides you with SEO services to get your business page noticed. Additionally, your support at this level comes with helpful marketing tools for your business page and even our marketing of it for you!

The Local Business Support option also gets your business listed on the Lionfish Central Business Directory supporters page. This listing demonstrates that you stand with other companies committed to making a difference in the fight against invasive lionfish. The database listing will include one link to your company’s website or another website or social media account of your choosing.

The Local Business Support option is the most popular level of support offered by Lionfish Central. This level of support is intended for businesses, both small and large, wishing to make an impact in the fight against invasive lionfish. We recommend that you check out other levels of support before deciding which is the best option for your business. Despite the level of support you choose, teaming with Lionfish Central is a tremendous asset for marketing your business while also supporting a worthwhile cause!

Your Local Business Support contribution will help organizations and individuals achieve success in efforts being undertaken to prevent further introduction of invasive lionfish. Lionfish Central aims to help these organizations and individuals continue to do great work in this area. Your support is critical to this cause! Most organizations and individuals who share in our mission rely on the financial support of individual donors like you. Your contribution will help them continue to fight back against exploding lionfish populations. Invasive lionfish populations are devastating our reefs, killing native species, destroying native habitats, and populating at alarmingly high rates. Your support can make a difference!

When you make a contribution to Lionfish Central, you’ll become a real life superhero. Bravely, you will join our community on its mission to evaluate, educate and eradicate invasive lionfish from our reefs and waters. The Local Business Support  option is a great way to manage and market your business page while also supporting a worthwhile and important cause. Moreover, your listing on the Lionfish Central Business Directory will get your business discovered by businesses and individuals who are committed to the heroic mission of Lionfish Central. Our future and the future of our waters depend on your support!

Please accept our thanks in advance of your willingness to support Lionfish Central.