Level One

Intro to Submarine Operations

Level Two

Submarine Operations & Dives

Level Three

Submarine Piloting Operations

Submarine Course Level 1

Submarine Reality

There are many realities when it comes to the submersible/submarine space. Here are the top 3 that prevents people to pursuing their career as an ocean explorer. 


  1. A new submarine/submersible for personal use starts around 3 million dollars. The realty is most people will not be purchasing one of these anytime soon.
  2. There are only a few opportunities around the world to get a submersible pilot job and those are filled by pilots with hundreds, if not thousands of hours of experience.
  3. You can get trained on these expensive submarines if you want to spend in excess of $30,000 or more but what does that mean? Your 12 hours of training experience probably won’t get you an interview for any of these cool positions around the world.
Submarine Course Level One (1)

Our Reality

    You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to purchase a submersible/submarine. You also don’t need to spend in excess of $30,000 to get 12 hours of experience operating one. There are alternative way to explore the oceans depths. Our training gives you the tools and hands-on experience to get into the submersible space for a fraction of the cost of the expensive ones. Realistically you can find a small submarine and have it sea worth for less than a new or used boat. This is the reality that we focus on in our courses.

    We want more people hunting lionfish in the waters deeper than divers can go. We want more citizen scientists protecting the reefs from the invasive lionfish. Our submersible/submarine courses are designed to help those who want to make a difference possible. Unleash your passion and help us save the reefs!

    Submarine Courses

    We have developed Submarine Courses to inspire future marine conservationists! We have put together 3 courses that are packed with knowledge and hands-on experience. These courses helps you go through the process of becoming a submarine pilot and put that knowledge to work. Join us on this important mission!

    Submarine Course Level 1

    Level One – Introduction to Submarine Operations

    5 Day Course

    This is a great way to learn what it takes to be on our operations team. This course teaches you the work involved in the day to day maintenance and diving operations.

    You will learn the science behind the techniques while working hands-on with the submersible while it is on land AND in the water as you operate it. You will walk away from this course with a greater understanding of the operations for any given mission. This is the course you need to take in order to come on any of our missions. Join us!

    Submarine Course Level 2

    Level Two – Submarine Operations & Diving

    5 Day Course

    Once you pass Level One we will put that knowledge to work with real-time work on, and in the submarine. You will see first hand how important that knowledge is to successfully dive a submarine. You will spend as much time in the water as you do in the classroom. This course is everything you need to know if you want to become a submarine pilot. You need to pass this course in order to begin pilot training.

    Submarine Course Level 3

    Level Three – Submarine Piloting Operations

    5 Day Course

    This is the course that changes peoples lives! If you made it through the first 2 courses and are still passionate about being one of the elite lionfish hunters then dive in and start building your piloting skills. This course is mostly on and underwater going from shallow dives to deep dives. This is a small class of 4 student pilots or less. Your submersible and on deck time is focused on you gaining the experience needed to feel comfortable while piloting and exploring the deep.