of the Beach


Help Scooter Save The Reefs!

Help Scooter become an honorary Admiral of the Lionfish Patrol Submarine and show your support for Siesta Key Beach!!

Scooter’s passion is helping everyone make the most of their time in the beautiful paradise we locals call home. His other passion is protecting our oceans. He has teamed up with Lionfish Central to help make a difference in the fight against the invasive lionfish. 

For more than 30 years Scooter has been helping travelers from all over the world make the most of their vacation on the beautiful beaches of Sarasota County, Florida. He has watched kids grow up and has even watched their kid’s kids grow up. He has helped local businesses reach out to his thousands of followers to help make their time here amazing.

Scooter is excited to take part in an historic effort to study and remove lionfish at depths deeper than divers can get to: 300 feet! The Lionfish Patrol Submarine project is the next step in the eradication of the invasive lionfish that are causing so much damage to our beautiful waters.

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