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Lionfish Restaurants

Lionfish Central doing our part to control the lionfish populationRestaurants That Serve Lionfish

Over the years lionfish serving restaurants have come and gone. The challenge is that a lot of the articles floating around the internet were written years ago and have inaccurate information. Some are no longer in business, some have no website anymore or even worse, many no longer serve lionfish.

Lionfish Central is dedicated to finding and keeping an accurate list of restaurants that still serve lionfish. If you know of any restaurants that still do that we might have missed please let us know so we can advertise them. We will give free advertising to any restaurant that serves and has lionfish on their menu. Let’s help them succeed and take a bite out of this challenge.  Are you a diver? There are many restaurants in need of a good source for lionfish: Get a FL License to Sell Lionfish to Restaurants