Lionfish Expeditions Passports Wholesale 25 Count


25 Lionfish Expeditions Passport at wholesale pricing. These are a great way to engage everyone in the Lionfish Community. Encourage everyone to seek lionfish experiences and get their passport stamped including your stamp! Let us help advertise your location where they can get their Lionfish Expeditions Passport. Your donation helps us continue our important work. Thank you!

The Lionfish Expeditions Passport is 3.5" wide by 5" tall - the same size as an official passport. There are 16 pages with a total of 56 sections for you to get stamped. We have added 14 suggested places from around the world to get stamped. These are great efforts in the Lionfish Community and worthy of your travels to visit them!

We would like to help you create a page on your website for the Lionfish Expeditions Passports so we can link it on our website for people to find you and purchase it. Reach out to us if you would like help, otherwise send us the link you want advertised on this website.

The purchase of the passport is a donation to Lionfish Central. We are a nonprofit that provides many different opportunities to help save the reefs. We greatly appreciate your donation to help us continue our work. If you would like to partner please reach out to us and introduce yourself.

Please add your business to the Lionfish Patrol app - it's free on the app stores and we can market your business within the lionfish community.

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