Symbiotic Relationships


Lets Work Together

We are all working towards the same goal – eradication, or at least controlling the lionfish population in order for the reefs and the reef fish to stay healthy.

When we say partnership we really mean Symbiotic Relationship. Both of our organizations/businesses working together to help each one become more successful at our goals.


The First Step Is Easy!

Lionfish Hunting Hero

Lionfish Patrol App on All Devices

Here are just some of the Benefits

Anyone Can Join!

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There are many different account types – Diver, Trapper, Nonprofit, Business and Observer. We want to recognize all the efforts that are trying to help save the reefs & reef fish from the invasive lionfish. Be part of the lionfish community and help us all make a difference! Click here to sign up now.

Divers & Trappers

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Divers and Trappers are the ones who post to the daily feeds. It is their work for removing the lionfish that helps give the most data to pour databases. This valuable data helps us identify hot spots around world. Each diver/trapper has their won charts and logs of their lionfish catches. The app helps them become smarter lionfish hunters. Click here to sign up now.

Businesses: Restaurants, Dive Shops, Jewelry, etc.

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It’s important to help all the lionfish business efforts succeed. This way there will be a constant removal of lionfish to help protect our reefs. If you are a business owner that does anything with Lionfish please add it to the app. We want to promote your efforts and help keep you successful. Click here to sign up now.


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We understand that a lot of nonprofit and government efforts fall short sometimes. This could be from lack of funding or inexperience when it comes to digital/technical skills. We specialize in this field and are here to help. Sign up as a nonprofit/government and let’s talk. We are here to help you succeed. Click here to sign up now.

Observer: Just Want To learn?

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We want to make sure everyone is involved when it comes to the invasive lionfish. If you don’t dive, own a business or nonprofit but still want to follow this industry then you can sign up as an Observer. The more people that understand the importance of lionfish removal the better. Click here to sign up now.

Collaborate With the Dive Community

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We work with scientists, professors, restaurants, jewerly makers and more. Lionfish Patrol is the perfect way to connect with every effort around the world right from the app. Please get involved and help is find better solutions for controlling the invasive lionfish. Click here to sign up now.

All These Benefits Are Free!

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Before we even talk about a partnership or working together you can get involved by using the Lionfish Patrol app. If you want to have additional help and work together then we are here to start the conversation. Continue down the page and learn more about working together. We are here to help promote your efforts!

Now For The Cool Stuff!

Want To Partner On Some Projects?

We set up our nonprofit to help all efforts lionfish! We like to work together with other efforts on many different types of projects to offer better results.

Here are just some of they ways we can work together for better results.

Lionfish Partnerships

Free Internet Advertising

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We advertise our partners on Google Ads throughout the internet. We work to drive traffic to them where they can click on their website, donation pages, crowdsourcing campaigns, social media accounts and more.

Podcasts & Mini Documentaries

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We want to work with you and your efforts and help you reach a bigger audience. We can interview you in our podcasts and even create a mini documentary about your efforts. We want to promote not just you but your area – dive shops, restaurants, nonprofits, charters and more. Let us help put your area on the map and market it for you.

On Location Services

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When possible we will come to your location and spend time working with the lionfish community to help run tournaments, workshops, interviews, video documentation and more. We also bring tank stickers and stickers for shops and businesses to hand out, t-shirts, needed supplies and more.

Website Services

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Need help with your website? We offer lots of free consulting to help you make the most out of your website. We also offer and have created free or discounted websites to businesses and nonprofits throughout the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Promote Eco-Tourism

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We want to advertise your location and services – dive certification, lionfish hunting, lodging, dive shops and more. We have a travel agent we work with to do all the planning and reservations depending where it is.

Analytic Data Consulting

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With a large network of products and services, along with our high tech capabilities we can help just about anyone. Let us know what you need the most help with and let’s talk about some solutions. We are here to help.

What Do You Need Help With?

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There is a wealth of information at your fingertips but you have to know how to read it. We are experts in analytic data review. Our free consulting will show you  how to get more traffic to your website so you can continue to succeed and help make a difference with the reefs and reef fish.