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Sell Us Your Lionfish

$6.00 per pound!

Let’s say you catch 1,000 pounds of lionfish over the course of the year (just over 100 pounds a week). This would be $6,000 US in revenue for you.

Let us help you set up a 3 month lionfish tournament to help you gather thousands of pounds of lionfish and thousands of dollars in revenue. Need help setting this up? We are here to work with you.

Earn An Extra Income

Our LionFresh Central project is looking for lionfish hunters from all over the world. Our goal is to provide an income for locals so they can save their reefs by reducing the lionfish populations in their area.

We have the perfect system in place to handle the pickup and shipping of your lionfish and pay you for your efforts. Let us help you protect your reefs while making an income. Some divers do this fulltime while others do this to help support their love of scuba diving.

Let us help you earn more while saving the reefs. That’s what our LionFresh Central program is all about. We look forward to helping you help your reefs!

In Florida? You will need a Commercial Saltwater Products License in order to sell us your lionfish.

Other States & Other Countries? Contact us so we can get you set up for selling us your lionfish in your state/country.

Lionfish Prep: You will need to make sure the lionfish are:  kept on ice for freshness – gutted and cleaned – weigh at least 4 oz (.12 kg or 114 grams) or more and remove the venomous.

Shipping: We will work with you to have them boxed properly and prepped for customs if needed. We make the process easy and rewarding! Use the contact form to reach out and introduce yourself so we can help you save your reefs while earning an extra income!

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The Process

How To Freeze & Ship Lionfish

  1. Remove the venomous spines: Use scissors or shears to carefully cut off the venomous spines located on the back and sides of the lionfish. Be sure to dispose of the spines safely. (if you can’t remove all the spines please let us know before shipping)
  2. Remove the entrails: Use a sharp knife to cut open the belly of the lionfish and remove the entrails, including the stomach and intestines.
  3. Rinse the cavity: Rinse the cavity of the lionfish with cold water to remove any remaining blood or debris.
  4. Freezing your fish: If you need to freeze your fish before shipping please put it in your freezer two hours after being caught. Fish should be kept on ice the entire time. Separate each fish with pieces of plastic to make sure they are not touching each other and will not stick.
    1. Try not to open your freezer much before shipping the fish to prevent it from defrosting
    2. Allow it to freeze for at least 24 hours before taking out for shipping
  5. Package the lionfish: To package the lionfish for shipping, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or a vacuum-sealed bag to prevent leakage. Then, place the wrapped lionfish in an insulated box (Styrofoam is ideal) with plenty of ice packs – 1 to 4 ratio is ideal (1 lb of ice for every 4 lbs of fish) to keep it cool during transit. Be sure to label the package clearly as containing live or fresh seafood and include any necessary shipping information.
  6. Weigh your box: and email us your name, address, please send us a picture of the fish for verification, how you want to be paid (PayPal, Venmo, cash app or check). We will then send you a label for shipping. Let us know if you want someone to pick up from location or you can drop it off at a ups office.

LionFresh Grading System

A Grade:

Was killed through the head with a spear, no damage done to the body, was put in ice immediately after being caught and has no fish smell, for whole fish is around 8 oz or bigger and for filets is at least 2 ozs of filet per fish.

B Grade:

Grade B has limited to no damage to the body of the fish, little to no red coloration in the eyes (which would mean suffocation happening to the fish.) Has no fish smell ,whole fish is less than 8ozes and filets larger than 1 oz per fish.

Frequently Askes Questions

What if I have a lot of fish to sell but its hard to ship?

We can arrange a shipper to come and pick up all the fish from you directly. We will need to know how they are packed, how many boxes and total weight

Will I get paid more if my fish is larger?

Absolutley! We separate our fish into a grade A and B fish.s you paid better.

How much lionfish will you buy?

We want to buy as much as you can provide – as long as its fresh and the quality is good.

Does the fish need to be gutted and gilled?

That is preferred but if you ship it right away it can be whole but price might be different.

Which way will I get best paid for my fish?

Ideally if you filet your fish and they are larger you will get paid more! If you do fillet them make sure you leave a small piece of the skin on to identify it as lionfish.

Which way will I get best paid for my fish?

Ideally if you filet your fish and they are larger you will get paid more! If you do fillet them make sure you leave a small piece of the skin on to identify it as lionfish.

Do the spines need to be removed?

Again, that would be useful if you can remove them – it makes it safer for us to handle and gets you paid better.

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