Lionfish Tournaments 2022

There are plenty of Lionfish Tournaments going on throughout the world. From the largest lionfish tournaments in the world to the smallest of local ones. Below is a list of the ones we have found. Our reefs are in desperate need of any and all tournaments to continually clear the reefs of lionfish. If you can’t fine a tournament how about hosting your own? It’s easy and free on the lionfish patrol app. You set the rules, prizes, dates and times and off you go! 

Lionfish Tournament for Lionfish Patrol App

Host Your Own Lionfish Tournaments

Lionfish Patrol is the only global lionfish app in the world. Now lionfish hunters from all over the world can host their own tournaments. It free on the app stores and easy to use!

Use the free Lionfish Patrol app and in just six easy steps you’ll be hosting your own lionfish tournament! This pages will go through each step and show you how to use this feature on the Lionfish Patrol app. If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the contact form on this site or in the app’s menu: Support/Report. We look forward to seeing your derbies and all the lionfish you will remove!

Lionfish Patrol App

Are you on the Lionfish Patrol App? This video shows one of the Country Leaderboards reports. The app is filled with all kinds of reports to showcase lionfish hunters from around the world. The data they enter helps us all find better solutions to the invasive lionfish.

Lionfish Patrol is free on the app stores and can even be used online. Click on the image below to go to the app’s website to learn more about hosting your own tournament and the app itself.

Lionfish Patrol App on All Devices

Lionfish Patrol Reports