Lionfish Superheroes - every walk of life can be a lionfish super hero. You simply need to get involved and help in this fight to protect our reefs, our fish, our water quality and more. Let us know how we can help you get involved. There's plenty to do!

Lionfish Super HerosReal Super Heroes Wanted!

Forget the big-screen super heroes battling the massive alien monsters and saving the world! That’s not reality. The real monsters are the beautiful lionfish that have invaded our waters and are devouring our reefs to death. The real super heroes are the people that are making a difference in the efforts to eradicate the lionfish. They don’t have to be tall and beautiful, strong and physically fit or have any super powers other than wanting to help in this fight.

Lionfish Super HerosJoin the fight!

If you are involved in any way you are a real super hero. You can be a student in 5th grade getting your school involved to find a way to support the local efforts. You can be a college student in the mid west volunteering with your school’s marine biology department to spread the word to get students involved. You can be a diver that collects lionfish and sells to local restaurants. You can frequent restaurants and businesses that are on the front lines making a difference. To be a super hero you simply need to get involved.

Help Us Help You

Let us help you succeed in being a real super hero. Our sponsors donations help us offer services to help promote lionfish causes and we can collaborate with you to help you continue to do great work. Let us help advertise your efforts and encourage other to do the same. Let us know who you are and what you are doing so we can promote you. It’s as simple as reaching out and starting a conversation. Help us help you succeed in your eradication efforts of the lionfish. Click Here to Contact Us Now