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Lionfish Patrol App

Join the Lionfish Community

Join the lionfish community and become a guardian of our precious reefs! Together, we can turn the tide against these invasive predators that threaten the very heart of our underwater ecosystems. With their voracious appetite and unchecked proliferation, lionfish are wreaking havoc on coral reefs around the world. It’s a dire situation, but we won’t let despair consume us. Instead, let us embrace hope and take action. By joining forces, we can spearhead efforts to control their population, protect our vibrant reefs, and ensure the survival of countless marine species. Let the fire of passion burn within us as we dive into the depths, armed with knowledge and determination. Together, we will be the defenders of nature’s delicate balance, leaving a legacy of restored reefs and a thriving ocean for generations to come.

About The App

Lionfish Patrol is an app project that we started in the summer of 2020. It was designed, developed, tested and launched in about 4 months! The idea is to bring everyone who does anything related to lionfish all on the same platform. So divers, restaurants, nonprofits, jewelry makers, dive shops and anyone else that is in the fight to control these invasive invaders.

Divers add their lionfish catch totals to a diver log so they can keep track of all the lionfish they have caught – how many, where, when, how deep, how long, etc. We do not ask for their GPS location – just the city they did the diving. We then add that information to a global database where we can see trends, hotspots, local, regional, and global efforts and more!

We are proud to be working with Divers, Nonprofits Businesses and Observers throughout the four regions in the fight against the invasive lionfish! The four regions are the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea. We want them to succeed so we offer free services and advertising for them. If they can continue to remove lionfish they can continue to save the reefs.