ReefSave Lionfish Traps

ReefSave, Inc. (305) 909-9318

ReefSave Lionfish Traps

We are honored to be partnering with ReefSave, Inc. They are a nonprofit that builds and test lionfish traps.  Their hard work and dedication is inspiring!  The work they do is an important part in the fight to save our reefs from the invasive lionfish.

ReefSave’s Simple Mission

Create a self-sustaining system to remove the invasive lionfish and protect the reef and marine life by:

  • Creating economic benefits for local people to fish for the invasive lionfish;
  • Developing low cost solutions for local fisherman to be able to earn a living from Lionfish trapping;
  • Helping to create a new type of fishing industry for trapping invasive lionfish in small 3rd world countries helping to create new jobs and self-sustain removal of the invasive species..

ReefSave’s Values

Safety. Respect. Integrity. Teamwork. Excellence. Stewardship. Astonishment.

ReefSave is a non-profit volunteer organization that is completely funded by donations and the contributions of its membership and volunteers.  If you have time to contribute, you can volunteer to:

  • help with tasks from your home computer entering data or helping with social media
  • doing field work in the Caribbean
  • managing part of the organization or project as a Commissioner
  • serve as an officer or director of the organization

If you have money  and no time, your generous donation will go a long way to keep this project moving forward. Our goal is to be transparent in both our funding and expenses.  Not a penny will be wasted.

If you have a business  our corporate sponsors provide us with services, labor, materials and supplies and/or discounts for the needs of the organization.

Lionfish traps are still a relatively new product in the lionfish world. ReefSave builds, tests and modifies traps to help find another solution in the fight. They hold workshops and let volunteers help build these important contraptions. If you have the time we recommend you volunteer and join the fight! Click here to contact ReefSave and take your part in this fight.