Forever Young Lionfish Hunting Charters in the Florida Keys

Forever Young Lionfish Hunting Charters Florida Keys

Become an Environmental Conservationist

Lionfish hunting is good for the environment because the removal of lionfish ensures that our native fish populations are sustainable from one generation to the next. As a Lionfish hunter, you will support conservation by protecting the Florida Keys natural underwater resources, habitats, and species.

Forever Young Lionfish Hunting Florida Keys

How You Can Help and Have Fun!

Join us on a trip of a lifetime by Hunting Lionfish and protecting the Florida Keys for generations to come. Lionfish hunting is the most thrilling way to explore the aquatic world while enjoying your dive. All Lionfish charters are fully dedicated to the education and eradication of lionfish. One of our Lionfish experts will accompany you in the water to ensure a successful and safe hunt. We navigate the dive sites, locate lionfish, and ensure everyone dives safely. Aside from hunting lionfish, there is an array of beautiful marine life to enjoy on your dive!

Your Trip

Your private Lionfish Charter begins at the Islamorada Marina, located in beautiful Islamorada Florida. Our vessel, the Forever Young, is a well maintained 32′ express that is designed for your comfort and safety. Before leaving the dock, we will set up your dive gear and have you sign a short waiver. All dive and lionfish hunting equipment is included. We also provide snacks, water, and cold beer for the ride back in. Our vessel has plenty of room, feel free to bring any equipment or food/drinks of your own.

The Lionfish Hunting Experience

Before we start, we will go over the safety rules, get you familiar with how to properly use the equipment, teach you the best lionfish hunting techniques, and give you a fun education on lionfish biology! You will become lionfish hunting experts before the trip is done. Once at the dive site, you will be briefed on the location and we will go over the dive profile together. Your private in water lionfish guide will accompany you on every dive. Your guide is there to handle all of the in-water logistics of the dive, you just simply relax and enjoy the hunt!

We will be taking videos and photos with our new GoPro Hero 8 black.  We also have a Sony a7R11 for higher quality professional photos and video, this professional package is an additional $100 per charter.

Lionfish Counting and Cleaning

Once we are done, we count how many lionfish we caught and make a record for research purposes. Back at the dock, we clean the lionfish for you. We teach you how to clean and educate you on lionfish biology, so you can understand what they eat and why they have so few predators. You also can see how to properly remove the spines, which are used locally to make Lionfish jewelry.  Lionfish are not poisonous, they are venomous. Lionfish carry venom in their spines and their meat is 100% delicious and safe to eat. The best part of your hunting experience is the fresh meal it provides!

Lionfish Hunting Package Pricing

Half-day (2 dives, 4 hours, $850)

Three-Quarter day (3 dives, 6 hours, $1100)

Full-day (4 dives, 8 hours, $1300)

  • Forever Young is the Florida Keys very best when it comes to hunting Lionfish!
  • Forever Young works closely with Reef Environmental Education Foundation. They are a local non-profit that is leading Lionfish research in the Florida Keys and the greater Caribbean. We have worked closely with REEF over the years to help them find and study Lionfish on numerous research projects.
  • REEF also hosts a series of Lionfish derbies in Florida. In 2019, we won our local derbies and also won the overall derby for the state of Florida. We eliminated a record 395 lionfish in just one derby.
  • Forever Young is proud to be a partner with Lionfish Central, a global nonprofit that helps nonprofits, as well as for profits to ensure they are successful at removing lionfish. We have worked closely with Lionfish Central over the years to help them on a number of projects in the fight of the invasive lionfish.
  • The Forever Young Crew makes Lionfish hunting fun for divers and educational for everyone! We love what we do and enjoy nothing more than sharing our passion with other divers. Join us for an experience of a lifetime, we look forward to hunting with you!