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We are proud to be partnering up with lionfish hunting initiatives from the hardest hit areas to help lionfish eradication efforts.

We do not charge anything for this service and we do not make any money from it either. We want to send lionfish hunters to destinations where hunting is going on. We do ask that the Lionfish Patrol app is promoted by the dive shops that we promote. It’s a win-win-win for everyone:

  • The dive shops – increase business on an international level so they can continue to remove lionfish from their reefs.
  • The divers – increase their hunting to areas that need it the most while enjoying new cultures.
  • Better solutions – data gathered using the Lionfish Patrol app helps find better solutions for divers and efforts. This helps protect the reefs more efficiently by showing the best depth and conditions for catching more lionfish.

Our goal is to help promote dive shops that have a passion for saving the reefs from the destruction brought on by the lionfish. We want to work with dive shops that are active in the eradication of these invasive species and we want them to work with us to find better solutions.

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