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Join Zookeeper, Lionfish Central and so many other dedicated companies, nonprofits and individuals that care so much about the health of our oceans!

Zookeeper is helping us reach more people around the worrld by putting our Lionfish Community sticker on every Zookeeper! From there anyone can scan the QR code and join the community. 

The Lionfish Community is growing more and more each day. If you have not joined yet please do – it’s FREE! Simply go to the app store and download Lionfish Patrol – it’s the community app used round the world.

You can find dive shops, restaurants, lionfish jewelry, nonprofits, divers and more! If you’re a lionfish hunter you can enter your catch info and help the community find better solutions while climbing the leaderboards! You can even run Lionfish Tournaments on the app.


Lionfish Comic Book Products ZooKeeper
Lionfish Community App