Dunja Zinnert - Lionfish Hunter Curacao

Dunja Zinnert, Lionfish Hunter

Central Dive Curacao

Dunja has been in the Lionfish Community and hunting lionfish since 2016!

Central Dive Curacao

About Dunja

I’m a passionate diver, dive instructor and lionfish hunter. together with my husband we own Central Dive Curaçao and Central Car Curaçao.

I’m pretty competitive and so it came to be that Lionfish Hunting is my thing. I’m really good at it and it’s always challenging. I won a couple of lionfish derbies and gave lionfish hunting courses to our Dive clients. This is the most adventurous fun dives out on curaçaos amazing reefs.

I work closely with Lisette Keus from Lionfish Caribbean. She’s my best buddy and together we go for some crazy hunting spots. We climb, we swim for long distances and we walk far for a good spot. We do appreciate a boat dive once a while which makes the hunting a bit easier.

What do you like about lionfish hunting?

The challenge, the excitement. That I can protect the reef and spread awareness that people eat more lionfish and no endangered fish or parrotfish.

What do you like about the lionfish community?

We’re all a bit crazy and super fun and adventurous and like any same minded community great to hang out with.

You can use everything from the lionfish. Meet for a delicious dinner. Finns for beautiful jewelry, and the spines for toothpicks. Best local holiday present.

Clients can learn how to hunt them, prepare, eat and have the fins made to their jewelry of their choice.

Author: scott