Venenata Capulus

Lionfish Venomous Coffee

Lionfish Coffee

Lionfish Venenata Capulus is Latin for Lionfish Venomous Coffee.

Our Lionfish Coffee is a high quality Organic Columbian Fresh Roasted Gourmet Blend and it’s as fresh as you can get! And it tastes as beautiful as a lionfish is underwater!

We get asked a lot if there is any lionfish venom in the coffee. Well, we cannot confirm nor deny that there is or isn’t any venom in the coffee. (We hope that answers your question sufficiently.)

What we can say is that we use the freshest Organic Columbian beans, roast them to perfection, grind them, package and ship them within 24 hours of your order. This insures you have the freshest, most robust coffee delivered to your doorstep.

We partnered with Christian Kitchens to develop our Gourmet Blend because of their quality and dedication to a great coffee, but also because of their mission. They make a donation to Lionfish Central on every bag of Lionfish Coffee sold. That makes this coffee taste even better!

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