James Troughton – Marine Biologist


James joined Lionfish Central’s team as the new Director in the Fall of 2023. James has been heavily involved with Lionfish Central from its early conception as an integral contributor to lionfish catch data on the Lionfish Patrol App and also hosted one of the first Lionfish Central endorsed lionfish derbies in 2020! James ran marine science research projects in Belize for five years studying all kinds of marine issues including habitat distribution, gender ratios, and stomach contents analysis of lionfish. His passion for marine science is evident by his education, field work, service projects and enthusiasm about saving the oceans.

University of Portsmouth, UK

  • BSc. Marine Environmental Science

Centre for Excellence

  • Diploma: Marine Biology

James has also implemented student-led and citizen science projects related to marine debris and reef health in the Caribbean, specifically the Mesoamerican Reef System.

James Troughton Marine Biologist
James Troughton Marine Biologist

James has traveled the world extensively by being involved in conservation projects both terrestrial and marine. James instructed with the World Leadership School teaching students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and was in Australia surveying the Great Barrier Reef with the Coral Watch Project. Most notably James has been the Station Manager at Tobacco Caye Marine Station in Belize running a marine research and education center immersing students in Caribbean Reef Ecology. He designed research projects around marine debris, reef health looking at coral bleaching and disease, fish counts and the invasion of lionfish.

As a PADI divemaster James has extensive underwater experience and knowledge and is happiest when passionately sharing his knowledge about our amazing marine environment.

James Troughton Marine Biologist
James Troughton Marine Biologist

James is from Wales, United Kingdom (Dw i Cymri – I’m Welsh), where not everyone knows how dangerous lionfish can be in other regions. James knows how easily it is for lionfish to adjust in practically any waters, even the UK, where a six-inch-long lionfish was hooked by a fisherman off Chesil Beach in Dorset – Yes England!

James’ knowledge, experience, teaching ability and most of all passion fit nicely with Lionfish Central’s core mission as a marine conservation nonprofit of evaluating and education for eradication of the lionfish and preservation of our oceans for the next generation. James is taking on the role of Director and will bring global education to the next level to encourage others to join the fight for saving our oceans.

James designs educational programs to give students from around the world opportunities to participate in our marine science courses online, in person or through our upcoming TV Channel dedicated to marine science learning. He will be working closely with students from all ages, as well with universities from around the world for internship opportunities. Who knows, you may end up on one of our marine science expedition with James!

Lionfish Central is excited, honored, and proud to have Marine Biologist James Troughton serving as our Director and leading this journey of inspiring future generations of marine conservationists!

James Troughton Marine Biologist