How Deep Can Lionfish Go?

Scott Gonnello Lionfish CentralLionfish have been seen just a few inches below the surface of the water and all the way down to depths of 1000 feet! That’s really alarming because divers can only go to about 200 feet deep and not for a very long time. So catching the largest of the lionfish in depths of more than 200 feet is almost impossible.

Researching the Depths

Because divers can’t get down to the 200 foot plus depths safely there has not been a lot of research below that mark. Lionfish Central is about to embark on some deep dives to explore this depth to start documenting the populations of lionfish living there. We will be using high-quality underwater ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) that can reach depths of more than 300 feet. Equipped with lights and a high-quality camera, we will be researching and gathering data for future eradication efforts.

Join Us

Would you like to help discover what lies in the deep waters of your area? Lionfish Central founder Scott Gonnello is looking for people to join the research and help us document our discoveries.

Here is what our plans are:

  • Evaluate your area, educate the people in your area and encourage them to get involved in helping with eradication efforts.
  • Document each trip and keep records of our findings.
  • Promote each area through Lionfish Central advertising and create a platform for the people and companies that help.
  • Create mini-documentaries for the efforts in your areas and share the data.
  • List credits in all our work from the ROV manufacturer, dive charters, scuba shops, etc.

Join Scott on these adventures to help save the reefs in your area. We are currently setting up deep dives throughout Florida and in the Florida Keys, Antigua/Barbuda, Trinidad/Tobago. If you are interested, reach out and let’s dive deep into this problem!

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